Spicy Scrambled Eggs & Sausages

Spicy Scrambled Eggs & Sausages
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Eggs & Sausages needn’t be boring

Spice up your eggs for a fiery kick start breakfast special!

Spicy Scrambled Eggs & Sausages Recipe

By Vam Published: May 28, 2012

  • Yield: 1 Servings
  • Prep: 2 mins
  • Cook: 8 mins
  • Ready In: 10 mins

A spicy twist to ordinary scrambled eggs



  1. BREAD always goes into the toaster or grill first, because the rest of the stuff doesn't take all that long to prepare --unless of course you are preparing for more than one. Toast both sides, and butter generously with garlic flavored butter.
    Unless of course you are 'Sting the Englishman', who prefers his toast done on one side!!
    And if you don't have garlic butter ( like myself), butter your toast when the second side is nearly done and sprinkle with powdered dry garlic/garlic powder and stick it back in the grill to finish toasting.
    Remember, there is a difference between Powdered Garlic and Garlic Salt.
    Garlic salt can contain a whole load of unwanted crap including MSG, free flow agents, etc, etc. The former on the other hand, is just dried garlic that is ground into a coarse powder. Tends to clump together in the bottle. To avoid this from happening, try adding a few grains of rice into the bottle. Works a treat. You can also add rice into your sea salt shaker.

    Important health information:
    Any kind of sausages will do, but again, PLEASE make sure that you do not see the cancer-causing-- Sodium Nitrite on the ingredients list.
    It is used mainly to extend shelf life and to improve the color and taste of meat.
    Why they use that poop in meat products, God only knows!
    And because you and I have become more familiar with the name of this poison, it is now further disguised as code E 250 on the ingredients list so that you wont notice it.
    Why would anyone do that? Unless there really was something there to hide. There are also a whole lot of other 'E' numbers that are being used to disguise other poisons. So watch out! And please find out about these other poisons hidden in our food.
    Forgive me, but with a horrific statistical fact like that, why oh why would anyone allow this scary substance to used in our food? Why?
    It is found in almost any preserved meat you can think of. So please please please please please please avoid it at all cost.
    Sorry I got a little carried away there. I hate it when the health system we rely on tries to deliberately poison us for profits.

    Cumberland sausages by the way work great for this recipe. But really, whatever you have handy will do.
    Cut up your sausages before you dump them into the hot pan so that they cook quicker. Make sure you get a bit of 'burnt' edges going on ( caramelization as they call it).
    You can also place the vine tomatoes on at the same time. And remove when pretty and cooked ( about 4 - 5 minutes I guess).
    Gently beat them and pour them into the same pan, which should now have some of the tasty sausage fat in it.
    Sprinkle sea salt and cayenne pepper and leave it on low heat for a bit.
    Gently stir with a fork as the bottom starts to cook and turn off the heat when eggs are nearly done.
    Prepare your garlic toast and plonk your eggs, sausages & tomatoes over them.
    And if you were me, you would add a knob of butter on the eggs ---just for the thrill of watching it melt as you tuck in!!
    Have a great day.



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