Chilli-Garlic Mussels

Chilli-Garlic Mussels
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Juicy Mussels in just 10 minutes

Ultra simple seafood dish tht anyone can whip up in minutes

Chilli-Garlic Mussels Recipe

By Vam Published: May 28, 2012

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Ready In: 15 mins

Quick and easy mussels



  1. Pre-heat oven.
    Place the mussels in an oven proof dish ( straight from a frozen pack will do -cleaned of course!)
    Add the garlic, sliced red chilli, cherry tomatoes and some coriander leaves.
    Throw on top of the mussels, season with sea salt, drizzle some olive oil and shove into a preheated oven on very high.
    8 - 10 minutes later, out comes your juicy, sexy, plump mouthwatering dinner.
    A splash of lemon juice and voila!
    Great as a starter or simply an accompaniment for wine.



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