Understanding Viruses ~ In Plain English

Understanding Viruses ~ In Plain English
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Do you know what a VIRUS really is, or how it goes about its business to make you ill??
Everything you’ve heard about these little things have probably been either too technical, or you’ve pretended you still remember your biology lessons. Anyway, here is a very simple explanation of what a virus really is and how it operates

The intruder

Picture a virus as an intruder into your home. This intruder is desperate, because it lacks his own resources to sustain life. The intruder has sufficient resources at his disposal to break in and even force the homeowners upon entry to turn over their resources so that he (the intruder) can use such resources to survive and even thrive.

While the intruder is on the property, he takes control of the entire family and their resources. The intruder upon exit, kills the family and burns the house to the ground.

With the additional resources that were acquired while inside the house, the intruder was able to expand its criminal activity, so that instead of one, there are now several.

Upon leaving the house the identity of the occupants is stolen along with clothing. The intruder and his new cohorts now try to assume the identity of the previous occupants of the house in order to be able to move about freely within the city while breaking into other homes, killing the occupants and following the same pattern as described in the first break-in.

The immune system kicks in

The city responds to the first break-in, as alarms are set off notifying the city to dispatch its police force as there is a reported burglary in progress.

Sometimes the city is made aware of the intruders presence only after the house is set ablaze and the occupants are killed. Upon dispatching the police to the scene of the crime an APB is sent out in search of the perpetrators.

Some of these intruders are trapped and killed outside of the homes they enter, while others are trapped and killed inside of the homes. Other intruders are surrounded within the city, trapped and killed.

More cunning intruders escape and go into hiding, so cleverly disguised that they blend into the community within the city.

In rare cases, the intruders so overwhelm the city and its occupants that the city is destroyed. This sometimes is accomplished through disguise, or shear force that overwhelms a city and a community ill prepared for this invasion.

How anti-viral drugs work

One way to stop the intruder, is to find a way to deny entry into the house. This is how antiviral drugs work.

“Viruses invade cells and copy the genetic material inside in order to reproduce. Some antiviral’s work by preventing this process. Or they may interfere with the ability of the virus to connect itself to the cell. Other antiviral drugs prevent the virus from destroying the protective protein around a cell.

How the body maintains a healthy immune system

Maintaining a healthy immune system is well illustrated by the following information:

When a virus infects a cell, the body responds by activating parts of the immune system. Reactions may include the following:

  • Lymphocytes, or white blood cells, produce antibodies that cover a virus’ protein coat and prevent the virus from attaching itself to another cell.
  • Other lymphocytes destroy infected cells, killing the virus before it can reproduce.
  • The body produces a high fever, which limits the virus’ ability to reproduce.
  • The body forms large amounts of mucus in the nose and throat to trap the virus and expels both mucus and virus from the body by sneezing, coughing, or blowing the nose.
  • The body makes interferons, or protein substances, which provide some protection against many types of viruses.



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